Retention Pond Cleanup

An important component of managing or owning a property is making sure its stormwater is properly collected. The use of retention ponds can be a vital part of a healthy and efficient commercial property. However, retention ponds do require a certain level of maintenance and attention. In fact, your Georgia city and/or county issues specific codes and requirements for retention ponds, and these ponds require compliance inspections on an annual basis. When it comes to your retention pond cleanup, repairs or maintenance in Peachtree City, trust the experts of Lanier Yardscapes. We specialize in helping HOA managers and commercial property owners with all of their landscaping needs.

A retention pond is an artificial lake that helps control flooding issues, stormwater runoff and erosion. If it is not working at full capacity, you may fail to meet local government codes and be subject to a fine. Most importantly, if your retention pond is destabilized or clogged with debris, it cannot do its job of protecting your commercial landscape. At Lanier Yardscapes, we have professionals who understand city codes surrounding retention ponds. We can perform a pond cleanup and propose necessary repairs so that you pass your next inspection.

Detention Pond Maintenance and Repairs

Whether you are part of a neighborhood, a commercial property or a private residence, we can help keep your detention pond up to code and working at full capacity. Our detention and retention pond maintenance and repairs may include services to:

  • Remove trees, grass, weeds and brush growing in pond
  • Clean up trash and debris
  • Control erosion
  • Fix drainage issues
  • Apply growth retardant
  • Remove sediment/de-mucking
  • Unclog blocked inlet/outlet of pipes

If your retention or detention pond in Peachtree City needs attention before an annual compliance inspection, contact Lanier Yardscapes today. We can ensure your property stays healthy and efficient by getting your retention pond up to code and operating at maximum capacity.

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