Peachtree City Pine Straw

Has the pine straw in your planting beds lost its color? Is it growing thin and sparse, allowing weeds to pop up and bare spots to show? If you’re looking for a reliable pine straw delivery company in the Peachtree City area, you’re in luck. Lanier Yardscapes will deliver and spread long needle or short needle pinestraw or mulch for Peachtree city homeowners, homeowner associations, property managers, businesses, etc. At Lanier Yardscapes, the customer is king; we will refresh and revive old, tired planting beds with high quality, professionally laid pinestraw.

Freshly laid pine straw will protect your planting and flower beds, help retain moisture and block out weeds. Let Lanier Yardscapes create a beautifully landscaped yard for your Peachtree City home or business.

Newnan Mulch

Over time, the mulch in your yard may lose its color, wash away or break down and lose its effectiveness. When you’re creating a new flower bed or your current planting beds need to be refreshed, call Lanier Yardscapes for delivery of quality, long lasting mulch in Newnan.

Lanier Yardscapes has it all from brown dyed hard wood, red dyed hard wood, hard wood nuggets, mini pine nuggets or cypress mulch. Add beauty and dimension to your flower beds with freshly laid mulch at your home or business. We deliver and spread mulch for residential and commercial customers. Let our landscape experts help you choose a color and type of mulch that will enhance your homes landscape and nurture your planting beds.

Fayetteville Pine Straw Delivery

Contact our Peachtree City Pine Straw Company today for pine straw delivery. We deliver to homeowners and businesses in Newnan, Fayetteville, Peachtree City and the surrounding areas. Lanier Yardscapes can handle all of your landscape needs. We are here to serve every aspect of your landscaping with detailed excellence.