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Is Your Retaining Wall in Need of Repair? Tyrone, GA
Retaining Wall

Some landscaping and property construction designs require cutting into an existing hillside. To prevent soil slipping into your yard or damaging foundations and structures, a retaining wall provides the ideal solution. Retaining walls are specially designed to withstand an enormous amount of pressure, but environmental changes or daily wear-and-tear will reduce its fortification properties.

It is vital that you are alert for any signs of damage to your retaining wall. Early intervention reduces the risk that your wall will collapse, resulting in damage to the landscaping and costly repairs. Do not attempt to fix a retaining wall yourself. They are deceptively complex structures and must be evaluated by a professional.

Warning Signs of Damage

Heavy rainfall or construction in the area can change the composition of the soil behind your retaining wall. This changes the pressure placed on this structure and causes it to weaken. If you notice bulging areas or that a portion is leaning outwards, this is a clear indication that the integrity of your retaining wall has become compromised.

In extreme cases, the entire wall may need to be demolished and replaced with additional supports. However, if caught early, it is possible to repair only the affected portion. An experienced landscaper can evaluate your wall and determine the extent of the problem.

Inspect your retaining wall regularly for cracks in the brickwork or concrete. This indicates weakness at the rear of the wall and it may crumble inward. At Lanier Yardscapes, we will initially seek to repair the cracked area by replacing broken bricks or re-concreting. Cracking in a retaining wall is usually caused by poor drainage, and our experts will thoroughly examine the area to address the root cause.

Bring Beauty to Functionality

There is no doubt that a retaining wall is essential if cutting into a hillside or slope. Ensuring that the structure adequately supports the soil behind it will keep your property and garden safe from landslides for years to come.

However, there is no reason that your retaining wall cannot enhance the aesthetic of your landscape design – or even become an eye-catching feature. At Lanier Yardscapes, we offer a range of decorative touches, such as embossed stones and colored brickwork. Consider adding LED lighting as an efficient and cost-effective way to add interest to your functional structure.

Contact Lanier Yardscapes in Georgia for any questions regarding enhancing or repairing your retaining wall.

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Alex C.

Lanier Yardscapes came out to my property swiftly upon inquiry to give an estimate for our outdoor lighting project. I had several quotes, but it was the customer service and attention to detail that made our choice to go with this company. Communication process was smooth and during installation they took care to treat our home with respect. I would highly recommend this team in my own personal future projects or any interested in making their outdoor space enjoyable.

Jason R.

Alex and his entire Team were amazing! They were concerned with every detail and took the time to get everything just right, not stopping until we were completely satisfied. We highly recommend them.

Barbara F.

Alex and his crew do great work! They are all very nice guys, respectful and courteous as they work. The attention to detail is exemplary, and the whole crew take pride in the job they do, something that’s hard to find these days. They work as a team, and when Alex is on site, he works just as hard as everyone else. Very pleased with my landscaping, they are professionals.

Nikole L.

Lanier Landscapes did an excellent job! Ron and his crew worked hard and made sure that everything was done to our specifications. The crew was also very knowledgeable and cleaned up after themselves. When we learned that our sprinkler system needed an overhaul, they informed us ahead of time what kind of pricing we were looking at. Easy to work with! Ron was a hoot!

Bill M.

Alex Lanier and his crew did a wonderful job with a new stone patio for my back yard including some Landscaping and mulch! My wife is overjoyed. Not only did they do a great job but when I wanted a minor adjustment they came back out and did it for me for no charge. He also came in under budget for the mulch and did a Super job! It is a shame you only get 5 stars they deserve a 6 star rating. I will defiantly use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone else. Just know that because they are so good you need to book them well in advance.

Charles H.

Fantastic experience! Very professional in all phases of grading, irrigation preparation and sod installation. All of the crew were as nice as could be. We had some time constraints and Alex and his men handled them without hesitation. Stellar outfit!

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