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3 Common Erosion and Drainage Problems Tyrone, GA
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Do you have standing water in your yard? Is there a section of your lawn that is swampy and unusable? Do you have a place in your yard that is scarred from the repeated flow of water during heavy rainstorms? Without proper drainage solutions in place, your landscape can be increasingly damaged with each influx of water.

Incorrect Watering

Standing water problems could be as simple as a poor watering technique. Overwatering your landscape could be causing an excess of water on your property, resulting in standing water areas. Or there may be a leak in your irrigation system that is the culprit.

Improper watering can be a cause of erosion and drainage problems. Fortunately, this is a simple problem to solve. Correcting a watering issue or repairing a malfunctioning irrigation system can be solved relatively easily.

Excess Water Off a Roof

Water coming off the roof could be the cause of your landscaping woes. A roof is able to shed an impressive amount of water. If there are gutters, water is limited to the downspouts and can force a large amount of water in one direction. This can cause a significant amount of soil erosion. This can also overload a large amount of water to one section of your lawn.

In this case, your solution may be as easy as extending the drainage system into an area where it will not cause problems. Since water will take the path of least resistance, it may be simple to create a path for the water to go where it will not be an issue.

Neighbor’s Water Problems

Some neighborhoods are tightly packed and a neighbor’s drainage solution may include part of  your yard. Often where property lines meet becomes the common drainage area. This creates a sloshy, unusable area of your lawn.

Although it may fall to you to salvage your part of the land, a French drain may be the solution.

Be Proactive

Your drainage and erosion issues will only get worse with time. It is better to deal with them now before the damage becomes a big headache or a more costly repair.

A landscape professional with an understanding of yard drainage can help you solve water problems. Lanier Yardscapes wants you to have peace of mind and be confident that you have the best property on the block. Call today.

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Alex C.

Lanier Yardscapes came out to my property swiftly upon inquiry to give an estimate for our outdoor lighting project. I had several quotes, but it was the customer service and attention to detail that made our choice to go with this company. Communication process was smooth and during installation they took care to treat our home with respect. I would highly recommend this team in my own personal future projects or any interested in making their outdoor space enjoyable.

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Alex and his entire Team were amazing! They were concerned with every detail and took the time to get everything just right, not stopping until we were completely satisfied. We highly recommend them.

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Alex and his crew do great work! They are all very nice guys, respectful and courteous as they work. The attention to detail is exemplary, and the whole crew take pride in the job they do, something that’s hard to find these days. They work as a team, and when Alex is on site, he works just as hard as everyone else. Very pleased with my landscaping, they are professionals.

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Lanier Landscapes did an excellent job! Ron and his crew worked hard and made sure that everything was done to our specifications. The crew was also very knowledgeable and cleaned up after themselves. When we learned that our sprinkler system needed an overhaul, they informed us ahead of time what kind of pricing we were looking at. Easy to work with! Ron was a hoot!

Bill M.

Alex Lanier and his crew did a wonderful job with a new stone patio for my back yard including some Landscaping and mulch! My wife is overjoyed. Not only did they do a great job but when I wanted a minor adjustment they came back out and did it for me for no charge. He also came in under budget for the mulch and did a Super job! It is a shame you only get 5 stars they deserve a 6 star rating. I will defiantly use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone else. Just know that because they are so good you need to book them well in advance.

Charles H.

Fantastic experience! Very professional in all phases of grading, irrigation preparation and sod installation. All of the crew were as nice as could be. We had some time constraints and Alex and his men handled them without hesitation. Stellar outfit!

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